Gun Safe Accessories

There are many types of gun safe accessories that consumers can customize their gun safes with.

Gun owners find gun safe accessories popular because they can use them to better organize, protect, and access their firearms and other valuables in their gun safes. Some accessories are generic and work with multiple brands of safes, while others are designed to work only with a specific brand of gun safe. Before making a purchase, you should check the dimensions and specifications of the accessory to ensure that it fits your specific brand of safe.


Some common examples of gun safe accessories include:

Humidity monitors

Humidity monitors measure the temperature and humidity inside the safe and ensure that it stays at a safe level to protect firearms. If you live in a high humidity area, or somewhere with wide temperature swings during the year, you’ll need a more robust system.

Gun safe dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers reduce the moisture in the safe and prevent rust and corrosion on firearms. There are 2 basic types to choose from – electric and desiccant. Electric dehumidifiers plug into the wall and eliminate moisture using a heating element. More commonly, you can place small bags filled with materials that absorb moisture – desiccants – inside the gun safe and replace them periodically.


Gun safe accessories include humidity monitors and dehumidifiers.
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Gun safe lights

Gun safe lights help illuminate the interior of the safe and make it easier to see and access firearms. Some gun safes have 110v AC electric outlets built into the interior. LED light kits for gun safes can be either battery or electricity powered.

Pistol holders and hangers

Pistol storage accessories help secure and organize handguns, pistols and ammunition inside the safe. They can also help maximize space within a gun safe by keeping handguns stored vertically on the safe walls. As a result, this can free up shelf space for other firearms and accessories. Pistol holders also make it easier to access a specific handgun quickly.

Gun safe accessories allow gun owners to customize their safes to meet their personal needs.
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Gun racks and organizers

Gun racks and organizers keep firearms neatly and securely stored in the safe. They maximize the number of firearms and other valuables that the safe can hold by organizing them vertically or horizontally. When firearms are well-organized and easily accessible, gun owners can quickly access a specific firearm when needed.

Alarm systems

Gun safe alarms alert the owner if someone tries to tamper with or break into the safe. Electronic alarms can be installed inside the safe and activate when the safe is opened or closed. While some safes come with built-in alarm systems, others may need a separate system installed or purchased.

Safe covers

Gun safe owners use safe covers to protect the exterior of the safe from scratches, dings, or other damage, similar to how a vinyl vehicle cover protects a car. Safe covers help keep gun safes looking new and free from stains or blemishes.


Overall, gun safe accessories provide safe owners the means to better organize, protect and secure their firearms and other valuables. Get the most out of your gun safe with the accessories you need.

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