Placing A Gun Safe At Home

A gun safe at home can be placed in a variety of locations. For the most part, proper placement depends on the homeowner’s preferences and how much space is available. Below are some common options for where to place a gun safe at home.




In a closet or wardrobe

Many gun owners choose to place their safes in enclosed areas like these because the contents are often hidden from view behind a door. If you do, there are many gun safes for closets that provide ample storage space for a gun collection or other valuables.

In a basement or garage

If you need a larger safe and have plenty of space, you might consider placing it in a basement or garage. For example, many homeowners place their long gun safes there where they have the room for it. Make sure it will be protected from moisture like condensation likely to occur with temperature and humidity changes. This can damage not only the contents but the safe itself.


Under a bed

For smaller safes like a pistol gun safe, placing it under a bed is a good option. That keeps it easily accessible and concealed from view. However, if you’re not overly concerned about it being visible or not, a bedside gun safe is another great option.

In a dedicated gun room or vault

Some firearms owners have a dedicated room for their guns. This is another great place to house a gun safe. This room or vault may have extra security features, such as a reinforced door, an alarm, and a climate control system.

In a hidden location

You can hide a gun safe in plain sight and it can still be hidden. For instance, behind a false bookcase or in a piece of furniture. These spaces can be good options for those who want to keep their guns safe and completely out of view.

In your vehicle

People who carry firearms for personal protection or for work use gun safes designed specifically for mobile use. There are a variety of vehicle gun safes used in many popular cars and truck.

Store a firearm or valuables in a vehicle gun safe at home.


It’s important to note that no matter where you choose to place your gun safe at home, you should secure it to the floor, wall, or piece of furniture for maximum security. Additionally, be sure to follow any local laws and regulations regarding the storage of firearms in your home.


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